Summer rental and real estate photography

You can really improve your summer rentals with very goods photos of your summer house.  Beautiful photographs can bring out and effectively communicate the best features of your holiday house leading to more enquiries and more bookings.

Nowadays everybody looks on the Internet for villas to rent in Provence for their holidays. Visitors like to see how the holiday house presents, its main features, what the bedrooms and bathrooms look like, where they will sit in the garden to have breakfast or to drink a glass of rosé in the evening, and what kind of swimming pool the house has, or the kitchen equipment. That's why it is essential to have the best possible images of the holiday villa you propose for summer rental, in order to make people wish they were staying there, making them imagine that they are already in the South of France. So it is important to choose the correct light when taking the photos, either in the early morning or in the golden light of late afternoon, as well as setting up the house to convey a holiday atmosphere. I work with an interior decorator if needed, Caroline O'Neill.

For real estate agents beautiful photos can also can be very helpful in aiding potential buyers to make their choice by showing the features of your house to their optimum advantage.

I use the Canon 5D Mark III camera for professional quality.

I will be happy to help you to present your house at its finest. And because I lived 6 years in the US, I am fluent in English.

 You can contact me for information here.

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