Zoé Lemonnier photography

Example of photos taken for a holiday house in the beautiful village of Cotignac (Provence) : https://www.lesjardinskeeling.com


I grew up in the country and that and my love of Nature has never deserted me.  I am very sensitive to the ecological challenges of our time. We need to protect the Earth.

At the age of 21, having lived in Paris for 2 years, my insatiable curiosity forced me to explore yet further, to travel, see and discover other horizons which lead me as far as Australia and New Zealand, Thailand and Cambodia. I spent several years in United States, in San Francisco, New York City and in the depths of West Virginia. I also lived a couple of years in Germany. That's why I speak fluent English and German.

On my return to France, I spent 20 years working for a respected vineyard and I was happy to take part in the renovation -and presentation -of their excellent selection of wines. But there is an end to everything...  which makes a new beginning possible.

I caught the photography bug while living in San Francisco in 1981 and I started digital photography in the years 2000. I am currently occupied with investigating light and pursuing my wish to reveal the beauty of people and places. The ability to capture a moment in flight, an exchange of looks, a smile, a reflection. Therein lies my Joy!



Roofs of the  village of Cotignac in Provence
Roofs of the village of Cotignac in Provence

Prints available on request